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Pre spray tan instructions:

****Please read thoroughly.****

-Please make sure to exfoliate & shave 24 hours before
-For men with very long body hair: try to trim down. 
-Do not apply any lotion prior to your appointment. Face is fine 
-All sprays must be left on for at least 8 hours so please book accordingly. 
-Please bring an umbrella & long sleeve/pants if their is a chance of rain. 
-No deodorant before your spray. Do not apply deodorant after until your shower. 
-NO SHOWERING DAY OF (before appointment). 
-Have loose dark clothing for after the spray tan.


After spray tan instructions:

-When you leave you will have a subtle color on. This is called the bronzer layer. The bronzer layer will come off the first time you take a shower. Under this layer your spray tan will develop over 8 hours. Right before your shower you could look slightly darker with both layers of tan on. Once you shower, your spray tan will be revealed & the bronzer will rinse off! 

-Do not get wet while your spray is developing. This includes no sweating.

-While your spray is setting in, do not rub your hands on your body to make sure you do not have dark spots transfer on your hands.

-If you sleep in your spray while its developing, do not sleep with your hands against your face or in between your legs.

-Moisturize every day head to toe.

-Sun bum sunscreen or something mineral based is the best sunscreen to use. Some other sunscreens can fade the spray quicker.

-Pat dry after showers, limit baths, & no scrubs or harsh body washes.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Contact 513-400-3034 for more info. 

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